80s Baby Turns 1!

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Today is the first anniversary of launching 80s Baby. To celebrate, I’d like to highlight some of my favorite articles from the past year, as well as give you a quick photographic tour of 80s Baby headquarters, aka my apartment. Also I will begin including things from the year 2000 on the site.

Thank you so much to all of the talented contributors to 80s Baby like Amy Bilancini, Greg Orme, Alex Fleming, Oliver Lyons, Sarah Kennedy, and others. Thank you all for reading.

If you’d like to give us a birthday present, consider signing up for 80s Baby’s Patreon!

Indoor Soccer and Final Fight– I realize that the subject matter could be considered niche but this was a very fun one to read.

Stranger Things– By far our most popular article. Thanks AV Club!

The Tick– Celebrating 25 years of my favorite cartoon of all time.

Were You a 90s Hipster? by Oliver Lyons- I actually learned a lot from this article.

“From Beyond”– I love Greg’s horror reviews, and this exposed me to a movie I hadn’t seen before.

Weezer– Amy Bilancini covers the Blue Album on its 25th birthday. One of our most popular articles.

Now for a look inside 80s Baby headquarters, aka my apartment in Brooklyn:





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